Fast white acrylic adhesive / sealant


A two component structural methacrylate adhesive designed for the bonding of high strength metal and composite applications in the automotive industry.
D351 has been formulated from innovative technology including Delta’s revolutionary adhesion system.
This unique system enables the product to achieve the ultimate balance of mechanical strength and impact resistance while still remaining both simple and quick to use.
Typical applications include repairs to acrylic baths and fittings; bonding a wide variety of substrates without the need for surface primers or conditioners; bonding metal fasteners to moulded composite parts; bonding and repairing caravan GRP body panels; bonding and repairing plastic bumpers and trims, and bonding deck fittings and moulded parts in the marine industry.

  • Colour: White
  • Set time: 2 – 4 minutes
  • Temperature range: Up to +120C


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