Tru-flex FDA25 clean room sealant


High modulous, neutral cure, fungicidal silicone sealant and adhesive, specifically designed for clean room environments, where repeated contact with food is likely. Contains fungicide – highly resistant to mould and mildew growth, high viscosity and non-slumping formula.

  • FDA approved (21CFR177.2600 tested by IANESCO).
  • Conforms to ISO 11600 F25HM, seal ceramics, porcelain, vitreous enamel, glass and most metals and plastics.
  • Ideal for clean and sterile environment, refrigeration units, sealing worktops / kitchens where food contact is likely.
  • Operating temperature range -50C – +150C
  • Colour: off-white
  • Cartridge pack


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£9.99 inc. Vat